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12.02.2016 01:18:27

Ø  When players reach a certain level they unlock guilds. The guild menu can be entered from the bottom right corner in the main screen.

Ø  Players can click the "Join now" button to join a random guild.

Ø  Players can click the "Create" button to create a new guild.

Ø  Players need to reach a certain level and spend a certain amount of gold to create a guild.

Ø  Once players has joined a guild they can fight the Guild boss to get massive amounts of gold. They can also check in every day and get a rewards.

Ø  When the guild meets the requirements, the guild master can upgrade the guild.

Ø  Players can mine to get ore.

Ø  Ore can be handed in to the guild for guild resources, and players will get Guild contributions.

Ø  Players can also invite other guild members to mine together.

Ø  Players can use Guild contributions to upgrade guild skills.