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12.02.2016 00:59:44

Ø  When players reach a certain level they unlock companions. The companion menu can be entered from the bottom right corner in the main screen.

Ø  Players can activate companions when they have gathered enough companion shards.

Ø  When you have activated a companion, you can keep using shards to upgrade its quality. The higher the quality, the stronger the companion gets.

Ø  Players can use Demon spawn essences to train their companions and upgrade their base attributes.

Ø  Players can also use skill books to upgrade the companion's skills.

Ø  Companions can be set in three modes: battle, merge and defense, but each companion can only be in one of these modes at a time.

Ø  At most 3 companions can be in the three different modes.

Ø  Companions in battle mode will follow the player into battle.

Ø  Merging a companion with the character will add part of its HP to the character. The character will also get a merge skill, depending on the power, nimbleness and intelligence of the companion.

Ø  Setting a companion in defense mode will share some of its attributes with the character.