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11.30.2016 23:45:09

At the beginning of time, the gods created the universe in a massive explosion, and then they filled it with living creatures. In Artaria there were two races. One was good, willing to help each other, building homes and living in peace. They were the humans. The other race was brutal, plundering and bringing havoc wherever they went. The humans called them the Demons.

The demons were greedy, and would plunder the humans again and again, ever expanding their influence and area of control to cover the whole world. To protect themselves and their homes, the humans started to fight back the demons. The demons were fierce warriors, and humans armed with knives had a hard time getting close enough to inflict any damage. Centuries of battle started to take it's toll, and the humans were declining. So they gathered for a final stand. The situation seemed hopeless. The survivors had to flee for their lives into an overgrown territory, where they built a new city to live in while they waited for deliverance.

The Demons used their dark powers to control all living living beings on the earth, degrading them to servants of the Demons. Even in such a desperate state, the humans still hoped to be able to overthrow the demons. As more and more refugees found the city they started planning for a new uprising against the demons.

As the Gods discovered that the balance in their universe had been wrecked, they decided to intervene on behalf of the humans, giving them seeds of incarnation and wisdom.  With these gifts, the humans started developing ranged weapons and magic. With these tools, the fire of hope was finally lit again. The resistance was about to begin.