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Character development - Weapons

12.02.2016 00:27:48

Ø  When players reach a certain level they unlock weapons. The weapon menu can be entered from the bottom right corner in the main screen.

Ø  Weapons can be forged using hearts of fire. The higher the forge level of your weapon, the more damage it causes.

Ø  Click "Forge" to forge your weapon.

Ø A small number of weapons have advanced, rare and epic attributes.

Ø  By gathering prestige, you can unlock advanced weapons.

Ø  Once you've unlocked a weapon, you can buy it for gold.

Ø  Players don't have to start over forging their weapons when they change to a new one. Forge levels can be inherited from one weapon to the next in the weapons menu.

Ø  Advanced attributes can also be inherited.