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Character development - Astrology

12.02.2016 00:20:16

Ø  When players reach a certain level they unlock the astrology system. The astrology menu can be entered from the bottom right corner in the main screen.

Ø  In the astrology system you can spend gold to get stars with different attributes.

Ø  Each time you divine there's a change you get a star of a higher level, but there's also the risk that you get a star of a lower level.

Ø  Stars can be merged to increase their level. The higher the level, the higher the attribute bonus

Ø  Star attributes are only added to your hero when they are placed in a star slot.

Ø  Stars that you don't need can be decrafted.

Ø  Decrafting stars gives you  constellation shards. These can be traded for stars in the constellation store.