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Demon Blood Service Shut Down

09.11.2017 23:43:53

Greetings Dear Player:

Demon Blood has come a long way with all of you and we received so many support from the fans along the way, here please accpet our most sincered appreciation.

After discussed with the developers of the game, we have decided that the recharge page of Demon Blood will be closed, however at this point, the game servers will continue the service. Here is the schedule for the future events:

09/18/2017, stop all recharge functions of Demon Blood.

09/25/2017, stop all Demon Blood’s services including servers shut down, characters data delete and resigster page close etc.

09/29/2017, we will shut down the offical website for Demon Blood and shut down the customer service of Demon Blood as well, please tell your friends.

Operation Team of Demon Blood